Happy New Year! May this New Year bring you good health, prosperity, and happiness!

2015 was, in a lot of respects a challenging year for me. The year started out promisingly with the recovery from the right eye tube shunt surgery seemingly on track. I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist on January 2nd. The tube shunt was working well and the pressure in the right eye was measured at 14. He was pleased, considering that the pressure was at 37 shortly before the surgery. I was pleased as well. As many of you know, I was doing an interval workout that night which resulted in the tube shunt working too well and bringing the pressure down to 0 and causing the retina to buckle forward.  I recovered from this incident within two weeks but the pressure fluctuated a fair bit for the next two months before it settled down. I still have wrinkles in my right eye visual field as a result of this incident.

In the meantime, I had glaucoma surgery on the LEFT eye on January 27th from which I have had an uneventful recovery.

In addition, I was approved for a right sided cochlear implant and surgery was performed on November 3rd. I tell you that surgery sucked a lot of energy out of me.

Two different kinds of external processors. The one on the left is the "Rondo" and the other is the "Opus."
Two different kinds of external processors. The one on the left is the “Rondo” and the other is the “Opus.”

In the meantime, my wife and I have been preparing to move to a smaller place in Ajax and so, we have spent considerable time decluttering and all the things associated with moving. We close on the house on February 1st but will be able to move into a leased townhouse starting January 15th. So there’s a lot going on.

The lingering effect was that I cut severely back on exercise for several months until I got the all clear from the ophthalmologist and the recovery from the right ear cochlear implant. Then the holidays hit. 🙂

As a result, my weight has crept up to an unacceptable 190 lbs. This is going to be remedied this year.

In the meantime, I faithfully kept teaching my classes at the local community center but had to cut back on the private lessons for obvious reasons. I am delighted that the children’s class grew quite a bit in 2015 and also that the adult class got a surge of new students in the two months of 2015.

My goals for 2016? Here they are:

(1) Get settled down into the townhouse as quickly as possible.

(2) Get my weight down to 170 lbs.

Yo Adrian!

(3) Grow the children’s class at Legends to the point where it averages 10 kids per class. Now, this may not seem like a lot to many martial arts instructors, but Filipino Martial Arts faces many branding challenges. It’s quite common for FMA instructors to ask each other how students they have in their classes. 6 to 10 seems to be the norm for the vast majority of FMA instructors that I’ve conversed with over the years.  That said, averaging 10 kids per class will be quite the achievement.

(4) Ditto for the adult class at Legends.

(5) I am taking over the Friday night Modern Arnis class at the Harmony Martial Arts Center beginning on January 8th. My goal is to have 8 to 10 regular attendees by spring. While this may not look like a lot, the time slot (7:30pm to 9:00pm) will be a tough one to fill. I’ve got some ideas brewing.

(6) The number of private lessons that I have taught have dropped 50% over the past two years. This is attributable, in large part, to the medical issues I’ve gone through for the past couple of years. However, this trend needs to be reversed. I’m aiming to return to the number of private lessons that I had in 2014 (279).

(7) I’d like to make a DVD this year, likely focusing on one of the Bamboo Spirit Flow drills and applications. I will need to plan this one out.

That’s the list for 2016! 🙂

Over to you, what are your martial arts/fitness related goals?


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