This video recently made the rounds on Facebook and Google+, showing “Master” Jukka Lampila’s “empty force” martial arts, purportedly showing his ability to manipulate and control his training partners without physical touch. This flim flammer from Finland is not the first martial artist to claim this ability, just the latest to claim this special power. This gentleman has his own YouTube channel at: Jukka Lampila’s YouTube Channel

Earlier this month, “Master” Lumpila was in Barcelona, Spain to teach a seminar. The day before the seminar, he held a public demonstration of his “Empty Force Martial Arts.” As can be seen by the above video, it was attended and videotaped by some skeptics. The video shows how his “techniques” work on brainwashed students and how they fail on skeptical volunteers. At least, the skeptics were polite and did not mount any serious attack on this scam artist. Mr. Lampila is lucky that he did not experience the humiliation of this Japanese martial artist:

Whether Mr. Lampila or the aforementioned Japanese martial artist truly believe that they possess the power they claim is a matter of debate. Some may truly believe that they possess this. Others may know that they do not have this power but, like PT Barnum, believe that “there’s a sucker born every minute.” However, there can be no debate about the consequences about the mistaken belief in this, as can be seen in the second video.  The famous “Boxer Rebellion” in late 19th century China had deadly consequences for Chinese martial artists who believed that they were impervious to Western bullets.

Would Mr. Lampila try to sell this “self defense method” to law enforcement and security professionals? To those who work for intelligence agencies? I think that it’s safe to say that he would be laughed out of the room or get punched in the face.

While it’s unfortunate that we in martial arts world have to put up with the above, all we can do is to expose them and have them face the ridicule that they so richly deserve.


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