The left vs. right same side bait is part of the left hand version of tapi tapi in Modern Arnis.

As alluded in previous posts, left hand stick techniques were incredibly important to the late Professor Remy A. Presas. The reason was that he was a natural left hander. As Master Chuck once said “The left hand was his ace in the hole.” Most stick fighters in the Philippines did not know how to defend against a left hander like Professor. The amazing thing about Professor was that his right hand was equally as good as his left hand, thus making it very difficult for other players to defend against him.

So, he taught the left hand. There are a number of left hand techniques that he taught and emphasized. One of those is illustrated in the above video.

The basic same side bait is done against angle #1 as illustrated by the video. Recall the concept of “lock to hit and hit to lock.” This technique is a good illustration of this concept. I demonstrate two different finishes. The first is the “reinforced uppercut.” The second, in the “combat applications” portion of the video, is a simple right hand cross after locking the opponent up.

There are a number of different same side bait techniques that one can use. One example would be to pin the opponent’s trapped hand to your chest, slap it off and finish with a left hand #2 strike to his teeth. Not a pretty technique but good business for the local dentist. 🙂

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