Earlier in the year, I had a post briefly describing the Bamboo Shoots program. Here is a link to that post:
I’d like to expand on that post by giving concrete examples of what we teach. First, we teach basic physical exercise such as correct form for pushups, situps, and jumping jacks. We often use exercise not only as a way to warm them up but also to serve as an important lesson of not putting limits on yourself. Here’s an example:
Me: How many pushups do you think you can do?
Child: 10.
I will tell the child that I will count them out and for them to stop only when I tell them to do so. Without them knowing, I will count past 10. Very often, they will exceed their self imposed limits. I use this to tell them that they can achieve anything so long they don’t put limits on themselves.
Among the first things that I assess for is if the child is aware of the home phone number and street address. I think that this is important in case they are lost. I encourage them to work with their parents on this.
We also emphasize role playing scenarios in class to address “stranger danger” situations. Our aim is to equip the kids with the basic judgment regarding strangers. Scenarios such as “Can you help me find my lost puppy?”, “Do you want a lollipop?” “Your Dad (or Mom or Grandpa) told me to give you a ride home” and “Your mom is on my cell phone; do you want to talk to her?” will be covered. 

We also cover basic escape techiques and basic environmental awareness to help safeguard the child’s safety.

Above, we stress having FUN in this class and we often have games to teach them new techniques and concepts.

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