The forearm backward throw is one of my favorite Modern Arnis grappling techniques. As can be seen in the video, there are a number of variations of this technique. The first was off the long sinawali parry. The second variation was executed off the reverse sinawali boxing concept. Thirdly, you can execute this technique while doing palis palis. Lastly, this can be done with abanico corto. As one can see, this is quite a versatile technique.

Proper body structure is needed to execute the forearm backward throw. The main thing to remember when executing this is to keep your forearm lined up with your center. Keep the forearm aligned with the center when turning and executing the technique. If you turn and leave your forearm behind, it then becomes a game of muscle vs. muscle, which is the last thing that you want. If you employ good body structure and are aware of your center, this technique is relatively easy to execute.

Students have asked me “what if the adversary is rooted or is really heavy and I can’t execute the technique?” I transform into Morpheus and say “go with the flow.” 🙂  Actually, I show them that one good counter to this type of situation is to execute a “rising block” to the side of the adversary’s neck, provided that he has leaned toward. There are other options available depending on what the adversary does. It takes time and practice to get into the mindset of changing gears in response to fluid circumstances.

Do you practice the forearm backward throw? What is your favorite technique?

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