The Bamboo Shoots program is designed for children, ages 4 through 7. We focus on instilling in children the values of respect, confidence, courtesy, and discipline. We teach stranger awareness, personal safety skills, escape techniques, conflict management and goal setting in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

In terms of self defence skills, we focus on easy to learn empty hand and weapons techniques derived from the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis. We also employ role playing and games to reinforce newly learned skills.

The name “Bamboo Shoots” is derived from the philosophical belief that patience is required for results to manifest itself after consistent hard work. There is a common fable with respect to growing a bamboo tree that goes something like this:

“You take a little seed, plant it, water it, and fertilize it for a whole year… and nothing happens. The second year you water it and fertilize it and… nothing happens. You persist for a third and a fourth year with no visible reward for your efforts. In the fifth year, if you continue to water and fertilize the seed, the bamboo tree will sprout…and grow ninety feet in six weeks!”

Indeed, bamboo does take considerable time to spring shoots out of the ground, but only after spending considerable time growing roots underground.

In this vein, we hope that the Bamboo Shoots gain confidence and learn the value of consistent effort ultimately results in many rewards.

Come on by and found out more about the Bamboo Shoots program! Either e-mail me at or text me at 905-924-3764.


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