Bamboo Spirit

What We Do

We welcome students from Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and Scarborough to our super fun self-defense classes. We teach practical self-defense through a Filipino Martial Art called “Modern Arnis.” 

In our classes, you will learn:

  • self-defense against empty hand and weapon attacks;
  • conflict avoidance;
  • awareness and de-escalation strategies; 
  • boundary setting; and
  • going with the flow!

In dry terms, Filipino Martial Arts is an umbrella term to describe various weapons based martial arts systems from the Philippines. Kali, escrima, and arnis are different names to describe the same thing. Quite often, empty hand techniques are based on weapons movements. 

Nearly all Filipino Martial Arts emphasize weapons training (mostly stick). Most weapons training transfer well to everyday objects such as tote umbrellas, pens, rolled up newspapers, and magazines. Empty hand translations of stick movements are common and, frankly, amazing!

Instructor Biography

My name is Brian Johns and am the head instructor of Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts. I have been training in various martial arts since age 18. Besides Filipino Martial Arts, I have trained in Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian martial arts.

I am a 5th degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis and was bestowed with the “Master Instructor” title several years ago by Masters of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss and Ken Smith.

My mission is to create fun and challenging classes for my amazing students, adults and kids alike! My desire is to help people reach their goals and lead a healthy and happy life. I believe self-defense encompasses much more than physical skills and must include other tools.

Besides physical skills, I cover important topics such as boundary setting, awareness, conflict avoidance, and de-escalation strategies. In addition to teaching martial arts, I have taught violence prevention programs for women at Durham College and community centres in Oshawa and Ajax.

Come join us and change your life!