A 10 Week Modern Arnis Course will be taught in Whitby soon!

What do movies like Star Wars, The Bourne movies, Gladiator, and The Book of Eli all have in common?

They used Filipino Martial Arts in their fight scenes!

If you live in Whitby, seize this opportunity to learn the Filipino Martial Art of Modern Arnis, a fantastic well rounded martial art!

Weapons and Empty Hands are both taught!

Starting Friday May 1st, I will be teaching a 10 week Modern Arnis course at the  Ontario Self Defence Centre, owned by Shibo Peter Boland. This is a terrific kwoon filled with talented martial artists! 

These Friday night classes will take place from 7:30pm to 8:45pm.  

The Ontario Self Defence Centre is located at:

1121 Dundas Street East

Whitby, Ontario.

Please contact Shibo Peter Boland at 905-410-1237 to reserve your spot!

10 Week Modern Arnis Course Starting Friday May 1, 2015

A flyer for the Modern Arnis Course

Here’s a small snippet of my teaching style. 🙂

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