Welcome to Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts!

Self defence is the focus of our program and we focus on Filipino Martial Arts and it is amazingly practical. It’s also a lot of fun! 

Start today and change your life!

Learn more about our Adult classes here and the children classes here.

At Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts, we focus on practical self defence.

We teach you to become your own PERSONAL BODYGUARD.

We train with sticks, knives, and empty hands in a fun, challenging, and SAFE environment. 

Learn the concepts of “going with the flow” and “counter for counter!”

Learn how these concepts apply to handling real life situations. I’m not talking about street self defence but also how you handle the daily uncertainties of life. Through the physical practice of Filipino Martial Arts, you will learn how to go with the flow in real life!

Our classes take place in the beautiful Legends Centre, located in the Harmony/Taunton area, in Oshawa.

Why wait any longer? Come see us and give us a try. You won’t regret it!

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