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I believe that there is great value to repetition in the martial arts.

Lately, I’ve taken to practicing my Modern Arnis anyos with 50 repetitions each. To be more specific, I’m focusing on one anyo each day and doing 50 repetitions.

I’ve decided that each repetition would be done in a deliberate manner with a focus on correct movement. Speed is not a concern. To do 50 repetitions of a form requires focus and concentration. Also, there is no more than a ten second break between repetitions. 

Yesterday I worked on Anyo Lima, Empty Hand Form Five. To complete 50 repetitions took approximately 50 minutes and left me drenched in sweat. To maintain focus and concentration for 50 minutes can be quite taxing. I can tell you that a momentary loss of focus can result in poor execution in any part of a form. I’ve had a few moments where my focus has flagged and I immediately buckled up and got back to the task at hand. So, this is a great exercise in maintaining focus over an extended period of time.

At this point, my routine is to perform the empty hand anyos 50 times in the standard way. On the other hand, I’ve been practicing the cane anyos 100 times each (50 right handed and 50 left handed). 

Among the benefits is improving focus and concentration.  Even after years of practicing them, I feel the need to practice the anyos even more! While going through the anyos, I’m constantly thinking of the applications of each component of the form. It also provides for a decent workout.

It’s also a great reminder to be in the present and to be in the moment when practicing forms.

One of the difficult things for anybody is to push outside distractions out of their minds and just focus on being in the moment. Just focus on training in the moment. Focus on learning the material that is being practiced. Be in the moment. BE THE MOMENT! Revel in the moment.

Revel in the learning process. Enjoy the chance of blocking out life’s distractions while practicing. If you are not engaged in the process of training, might that be a total waste of that present moment?

Enjoy that moment before it vanishes. Appreciate the gift of having the opportunity to block out life outside of class for a finite period of time.

Bottom line, doing 50 repetitions of any form requires you to be in the moment and focus on each movement. There is much value in repetition in the martial arts!

Have any of you done something like this? Let’s hear from you!

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