Kudos to Mike Cooper for a great job in putting this Filipino Martial Arts Workshop together!

I really enjoyed this Filipino Martial Arts Workshop, which was very well organized by Mike Cooper and featured several instructors such as myself, Sean Tyler of FCS, and Punong Guro Rudy Cosico of Arnis Canada.

I kicked things off by teaching the 2 canes vs. 1 cane drill and throughout the two hour session, the folks seemed to enjoy this aspect of Modern Arnis. I have to admit that I’m a big fan of this drill and its applications since it does such a great job of developing one’s natural attributes.

I have to give credit to Master Chuck Gauss for teaching me this drill. It’s a very challenging drill and so for that reason, I took my time in teaching it and allowing the folks to get a hold of it.

Fortunately, the students were a talented bunch and caught on very quickly. After getting the basic drill down, we then moved onto one right hand technique and one left hand technique. Then I finished the session off by teaching them a right hand and left hand single stick technique. 

Next up was Sean Tyler of FCS, who did a very impressive job of teaching footwork drills and I got a pretty good cardio workout in the process. He then moved on to teaching knife techniques which piqued the interest of my wife. She really dug this session and is now thinking of ways of slicing and dicing me thanks to Sean’s teaching. 🙂

Punong Guro Rudy then gave a demonstration of Cinco Teros movements against a baseball bat, rifle with bayonet and other weapons. It was very interesting to watch this man move. Many of the moves were what Modern Arnis players would call the “traditionals” and among my favorite Arnis techniques. On display during PG Cosico’s session were techniques such as figure 8 and banda y banda.

The workshop concluded with a group of participants demonstrating full padded sport sparring. The action was quite fast paced with 15 second rounds. While that may not sound like a long time, I can testify, from watching the participants, that those 15 seconds can take a lot out of you. We finished off with the traditional group photo shoot.

A very gracious gift was given to myself, Mike and Sean Tyler by Rose Cosico (PG Cosico’s daughter). It was a photo of PG Cosico and Professor Remy Presas taken in Buffalo in 1997 as can be seen in the photos. 

In closing, this was a great way for various Filipino Martial Arts groups to get together and share their knowledge without egos, politics and the like. Just a healthy gathering and emphasis on lots of fun!

Pictures are courtesy of Mike Cooper.

All in all a great time!

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