Video, along with my blog, constitutes a major portion of my social media efforts. While my videos continued to be published in the first month or so, I did not make any videos until March due to a medical setback in January. I resumed my video efforts in March and have continued to this day.

The advantage of video over blogging is that it is, in many ways, easier. One can shoot 10 or more videos in an hour. Editing, uploading, and captioning take some time. But once I’m done, I’m set for a while. For example, the Friday videos have been set through January 29th since early November. Talk about being way ahead of schedule!

My video strategy changed considerably this year.

First was the recognition that Facebook had changed their News Feed algorithm to favour native video uploads over links to YouTube videos.

Secondly, the importance of paid promotions of native video uploads cannot be emphasized enough. One huge advantage that Facebook has is the ability to run extremely targeted video advertisements. I have run targeted ads aimed at Oshawa and Whitby in an effort to increase the visibility of Bamboo Spirit.  I will need to refine this approach in 2016.

I have also uploaded 15-second snippets of videos on Instagram (the maximum allowed) to draw attention to my YouTube videos. The YouTube analytics indicate that 25% of the watch time comes from “external sources” which could include Instagram as well as my website. So I will continue with the Instagram efforts. Besides, it’s easy to do.

That said, YouTube is still king in my book. For one thing, I can upload private videos for select folks, a feature not available on Facebook. Secondly, no one has analytics like YouTube. Facebook offers analytics but it pales in comparison to YouTube.  YouTube’s analytics are AMAZING and offers details unmatched by any other video platform.

Strategy wise, my focus is both clear and unclear.  I admit that my video strategy on Facebook is more focused than on YouTube, largely due to the fact that I can run targeted ads to the local on Facebook.

With respect to my YouTube strategy, I need to do a comprehensive review. I’ve begun to realize that I need to do more videos for my website in an effort to draw more students in. Embedding videos in OptinMonster and on my website is really easy and I need to take advantage of them. The YouTube analytics indicate that Canada is a distant third in terms of views and watch time. This needs to be fixed somehow.

Secondly, I think that I need to focus more on private video uploads (like the Bamboo Spirit Flow Drills) and make it more available to students who’d like to access it from time to time.

With respect to my videos on YouTube, I can say that there was not a video that went “viral.”

Several notes:

(1) The “Fix It Friday” videos, in terms of views and watch time, appears to have declined over time. I suspect that this series has gotten old. To remedy this in the short term, I am running new FIF videos only on the first Friday of each month.

(2) The Sinawali Applications series, overall, is currently getting better numbers than FIF. While it’s early and there are several more of these videos coming up, the numbers have been somewhat uneven. We’ll see.

(3) The “Make It Stick” series, likewise, has been incredibly uneven when it comes to views and watch time. In terms of views, it has ranged from 42 views to 651 views. I may need to consider spreading this series out more or tweak the format.

That said, here are the top 5 YouTube videos of 2015:

Tied for 5th place are the following two videos:





The prevalence of the “Make It Stick” videos would seem promising. However, I should note that the numbers have declined. The last 9 “Make It Videos” have averaged only 87.8 views compared to those on the above list. Maybe it’s the holiday season. Maybe I need to spread the videos out. Maybe I need to re-think the content.

Analysis aside, I’m having fun making videos and that’s what counts!  Over to you, do you have any suggestions for 2016 videos? Let’s hear them! 

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