First, a confession. Like my blogging efforts, my video output was not as consistent as 2015. A big move at the beginning of the year was partly responsible. Additionally, going to Ohio on a regular basis to visit ailing parents played a part as well. Lastly, the biggest reason is that I got stuck in a creative rut.  Hopefully, my creative juices will be more abundant in 2017.

The top 2016 videos came out similarly, ranking wise, both on YouTube and on Facebook.

As some readers know, there are pros and cons to both platforms. Facebook is now becoming a huge player with respect to videos.

However, it still lags behind YouTube in several respects. 

First, videos on YouTube can be monetized. On the other hand, monetization is not available for native videos on Facebook.

Secondly, YouTube analytics are incredibly granular. For instance, I can find out what videos were most popular in California in any given month. Facebook does not offer comparable analytics.

Thirdly, it is easier for YouTube members to subscribe to various channels. You can then check your subscription feed for the latest videos of your favorite channels. Facebook does not come close to this feature.

That said, Facebook does offer advantages. For one, Facebook’s audience is likely larger than YouTube.

Secondly, if you upload a native video to a business page, you can then boost the video for a few bucks and dramatically increase the number of video views. It’s incredibly easy to do this.

Thirdly, it seems that more people are spending time on Facebook than on YouTube. I don’t have the stats but it just seems that way.

There was one major development with regard to my video efforts this year. That concerns the ability to caption Facebook videos.

The solution turned out to be quite easy. All I had to do was download the .srt file from a YouTube video and upload it to the same video on Facebook.

One last thing. YouTube and Facebook have different definitions of “views.” A subscriber needs to watch at least 30 seconds to be counted as a “view” on YouTube. On the other hand, only 3 seconds of viewing time are needed to be counted as a “view” on Facebook. Not sure why that is.

Of the videos that I published on YouTube in 2016, the top 5 are:






Admittedly, this is only a limited data set and I can’t say with 100% certainty what the trends are. But it appears that I am getting better numbers with the “Fun Friday” videos than I did with the “Fix It Friday” videos.  I’m guessing that it has to do with the “fun” nature of the new series as opposed to the “Fix It Friday” series. We shall see what unfolds in 2017.

With respect to the top 5 videos on Facebook for 2016, the rankings are as follows:

(1)  Fun Friday: Counters to Disarm #1;

(2)  Fun Friday: Simple Counters;

(3)  Fun Friday: Counters to Disarm #2;

(4)  Fix It Friday: Give It a Spin;

(5)  Fun Friday: Sensitivity.

As one can see, the YouTube and Facebook rankings are similar, albeit with a couple of differences. Yet, I would go with the YouTube analytics as that data set is a bit more unbiased. The reason is that I boosted some videos on Facebook and not others. So that may skew the Facebook analytics.

Lastly, I can discern the most viewed videos on my YouTube channel for 2016, regardless of publication date and glean some ideas for 2017. Facebook does not offer this kind of analytics.

The most viewed YouTube videos of 2016 are as follows:

(1) Four Things To Expect after Cochlear Implant Surgery.;

(2) Double Sinawali is Easy!

(3) Welcome to Bamboo Spirit Trailer;

(4) Single Sinawali is Easy!

(5) The Reality of CI;

(6) Earth Six/Reverse Sinawali is Easy!, and

(7) My First Cochlear Implant Activation.

Some trends are obvious.

First, videos with “sinawali” in the title attract a fair number of views. I knew this a year ago. Taking advantage of this, I published a number of videos highlighting empty hand sinawali applications. Disappointingly, this sinawali series did not produce the number of views that I had hoped for. Will have to go back to the drawing board for this.

The other trend is the cochlear implant videos. I did not publish any videos with respect to my cochlear implant experiences this year. Again, it has to do with the aforementioned creative rut. The number one cochlear implant video consistently got the most views month after month this year. In light of this, I am considering creating another YouTube channel focusing on vlogging about my cochlear implant experiences and likely expanding beyond that topic. What do you think?

Finally, I wish all my readers and video viewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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