When Professor was alive, the Annual Michigan Modern Arnis Camp was the biggest Modern Arnis event of the year. This year’s Michigan Camp, hosted by Master of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss, promises to be one of the best yet in years, largely due to the instructor lineup assembled for this event. This will be taking place at Master Gauss’ Martial Arts Center from June 11th through the 14th.

The instructor lineup includes Datu Kelly Worden, GM Dusty Seale, Master of Tapi Tapi Ken Smith and Master of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss. They will all bring different facets of the martial arts to the camp ranging from Modern Arnis, kyusho jitsu (pressure points), JKD, ground controls, Tapi Tapi, improvised weapons and much more. The combined experience of these instructors in a camp setting will be unparalleled and likely not to be duplicated anywhere else! Your martial skill will skyrocket after this camp and you will better understand the connections between different arts. As Professor used to say “It’s all the same!”

For those interested in attending this camp, there is an EARLY BIRD special. If you register and pay by May 15th, you will save $100. To register for this camp, go to: Michigan Camp Registration 

Don’t miss this event!


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