The Modern Arnis stick armbar is one of the staples of the art. I demonstrate three versions of the stick armbar. The basic version of this technique is performed against angle 2, where I take control of the opponent’s weapon hand/wrist area and strike his rib area. After striking the ribs, I then roll my cane over his tricep while maintaining control of his wrist and pulling it back toward my body in order to effect the stick armbar. I like to finish with an abaniko strike to the opponent’s coconut.

The next version of the stick armbar that I demonstrate is off the single sinawali to the “passing” technique. Once the opponent’s weapon hand is passed and his wrist acquired, the technique is executed in the same way as previously mentioned.

The last version shown in the video is the execution of the armbar from the left vs. right rolling position. This version is a bit higher on the difficulty level. If you haven’t done this version, do it slowly so that you can get the hang of this. As always, start with the basic version against angle 2.

One key to succeeding in the execution of the armbar is, after striking the opponent’s rib area, is not to let your stick drift down to his belly area. If that happens, the stick armbar will fail. Keep the stick parallel to the floor across the chest area.

The stick armbar can be utilized as a primary move or as a counter move. As one might expect of a Modern Arnis player, there are counters to the stick armbar as well.

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