In this post, I discuss a left vs. right snake to a cross body bait.

Snaking, either with the cane or empty handed is one of the major concepts of Filipino Martial Arts and one can do a variety of techniques off this concept.

In this video, I demonstrate the left vs. right cane snake against Alex. Two important points about snaking here. First is that the snake should be cane on the arm. One common mistake that I see is that the driver’s wrist rests against the defender’s wrist. Secondly, once you are in the snake position, be sure to angle your cane toward the opponent. See :46 of the video. If your cane is left too vertical, it will be easily countered.

From the snake position there are a number of techniques that one can employ. In this video, I demonstrated the cross body bait. As noted in the video, properly executed, this technique can be quite painful for the uke.

As we all know, the lock, by itself, is likely not sufficient to finish an adversary. This is why I demonstrated a finish after the lock. As the Masters of Tapi Tapi like to remind us “Hit to lock and lock to hit.”

Some have asked why “bait?” The actual intent of my technique is to hit my opponent after I get into the snake position. But what happens when the opponent successfully defends against a hit? Ah, it then becomes a bait. Don’t get caught up in the terminology. đŸ™‚

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