Most folks in the Modern Arnis community know that Professor Wally Jay, the founder and Grandmaster of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu had a great influence on Professor Presas. When Professor Presas first moved to North America, his joint locks were not refined, often consisting of large movements and a fair bit of strength. Sometime in the 1980’s, he connected with Prof Wally Jay and this was to turn into a close friendship until Professor Presas’ untimely death in August of 2001. Professor Presas began to incorporate elements of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu into Modern Arnis. Many Modern Arnis players will attest that Professor’s joint locking proficiency was world class.

In this video, I demonstrate two techniques that is part of Modern Arnis stick grappling….the single lock and the shoulder lock. As noted in the video, it can be done either with the stick or empty handed. Note that you can go under or over the arm, either stick wise or empty handed. Which technique you use will likely be dictated by your opponent’s technique or how your opponent reacts after a hit. In both of these techniques, controlling your opponent’s elbow is vital; otherwise you will lose the technique or will need to flow into a different technique.

In any case, this is a small portion of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu that has been imported into Modern Arnis. Fun stuff!

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