Among the sinawalis taught in Modern Arnis are:

  •  single sinawali;
  •  double sinawali;
  •  redonda/heaven sinawali and
  •  reverse sinawali.

In the above video, I cover the last of the four sinawalis, the reverse sinawali. Some instructors like to teach the sinawali drills for no reason other than to train attributes for coordination, timing, rhythm, speed and dexterity. Some look at it only as warm up drills.

The Sinawali series are much deeper than that. The sinawali drills are quite deep.

The late Professor Remy Presas often said that there were untold number of empty hand translations of sinawali, whether it be single, double, reverse or redonda.

In the case of reverse sinawali, there are multiple applications for stick, empty hand, and grappling.

One can view the sinawali series as the “kata” of Filipino Martial Arts and find multiple applications for them. A good example are techniques derived from reverse sinawali called “reverse sinawali boxing.”

In this video, I demonstrate an application suited for tapi tapi.

As you might imagine, there are a number of techniques that can be employed from this position. It takes practice, time and instruction with a qualified instructor to see the possibilities that exist within the various sinawali drills, including reverse sinawali.

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