One of the great influences on Professor Remy Presas was his long time friendship with Professor Wally Jay of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu. If one were to compare Professor Presas’ joint locks in the 1980’s instructional tapes versus those shown in the DVDs of the late 1990’s, one can see a definite difference and progression in the way he executed joint locks. This is attributed to his friendship with Professor Wally Jay.

Professor Jay was born in Hawaii to parents of Chinese descent. While living in Hawaii, he studied boxing, Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu and judo. In 1948, he was awarded a certificate of mastery in Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu by the founder of that art, Henry S. Okazaki. He then later studied Judo under the former Hawaiian judo champion, Ken Kawachi. During his two years of study under Kawachi, Professor Jay would learn the principles that would learn to the formulation of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu. In particular, Kawachi emphasize the use of wrist action to gain superior leverage over opponents. As many Modern Arnis practitioners have learned over the years, this wrist action is prevalent in many of the joint locks that we employ. Through his friendship with Professor Jay, Professor Presas incorporated elements of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu into Modern Arnis. Painful elements, to put it mildly!

Professor Jay was well known for the 10 Principles of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu which are as follows:

(1) Balance
(2) Mobility and Stability
(3) Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
(4) Mental Resistance and Distraction
(5) Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
(6) Energy Transfer
(7) Create a Base
(8) Sticking Control and Sensitivity
(9) Rotational Momentum
(10) Transitional Flow (which includes):

Many of concepts are present not only in the joint locks of Modern Arnis but apply to Tapi Tapi as well.

Below is an interesting clip of DanZan Ryu Jiu Jitsu from the 1940’s. Can you spot the young Wally Jay?

His beloved art of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu was passed on to his son, Professor Leon Jay, who continues to teach this beautiful art and by many others as well.


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