Some more thoughts related to the previous post on “Master” Lampila and his “empty force martial arts.” Aside from self belief and/or profit motive in peddling this crap, I also think there is another angle to this. He has become lazy. Instead of pushing his physical potential to the maximum, he has abandoned that in favor of hocus pocus, sorcery, alchemy or whatever you want to call it. By teaching “empty force martial arts” he is in no position to demand the best physically and mentally from his students. They don’t have to work hard. All they have to do is wave their hands and their opponent will magically fall to the ground. Little physical work required. They don’t have to dig deep down within themselves to find out what they are made of. How do you know what the possibilities are if you are not pushed to the limit? But no, the message that “Master” Lampila is imparting to his students is “just wave your hands and all will be right.

The second thought relating to the above post is that “Master” Lampila is teaching his students that “you don’t need physical intent in order to defend yourself.” As the fictional Master Ken of “Enter The Dojo” fame would say “That’s bullshit.”  When all else fails (awareness, verbal de-escalation etc) and an attack is underway, resort to physical violence for self defence is needed. As Master Chuck Gauss likes to say “When in doubt, hit them!

My martial arts instructor at Notre Dame, Sensei Gary Cooper, stressed intent all the time. Take a look at the video below at his phenomenal kata performance and note the speed and intent (yes, that’s me to his left….this took place in April, 1987).  I would wager that Sensei Gary would fare far better in a potential encounter than “Master” Lampila. He demonstrated the same intent when practicing self defence techniques. Just devastating. No doubt in my mind his physical intent would take care of a situation far better than “Master” Lampila. You absolutely need the physical intent. There’s no two ways about it.

“Physical intent” can also mean “killer instinct” or “going for the jugular” or “turning the switch on.” Some people can turn this switch on easily. Others need training to be able to tap into this survival instinct.

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