This post delves into the difference between “offensive” and “defensive” posing. 

“Posing” is one of the Modern Arnis topics that Master Chuck likes to teach and, in fact,  has a DVD on this subject. If you’re at his dojo or one of his events, look for it!

What is posing? Posing involves two things: (1) grabbing your opponent’s cane in such a manner to (2) elicit a predictable response.

Often, posing involves body language designed to induce a reaction by the opponent and lead them into a compromised position.

In this video, he explains the difference between “offensive” and “defensive” posing.  

If you are not able to view the video, view it here.

It boils down to this: the offensive version = steal the lead and hit right away.

Defensive version = steal the lead and set up your opponent.

Your technique will be dictated by your opponent’s reaction. 

For safety reasons, defensive posing is the safer of the two.

If you are going to practice offensive posing, be careful and exercise control or wear safety equipment like Andy and Master Chuck did for this video.

These techniques are devastating and are very difficult to counter. In fast paced tapi tapi play, this is often the game changer. If you’re on the receiving end, this is an intimidating situation to face.

Over to you, do you practice these techniques? Let’s hear about your experiences!


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