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First off, snaking is a technique where the driver inserts the cane around the defender’s wrist, enabling the driver to either control or disarm the defender.

Ideally, the driver should post his cane against the wrist and press toward the defender’s center line. In such a position, the driver can compromise the defender’s wrist. Easy picking for a control move or a disarm!

Unfortunately, some get sloppy with this technique. As illustrated at the 0:21 mark of the video, failing to press the cane toward Alex’s center line allows him to counter the snake.

In contrast, see the :40 mark of the video. Look at the position of Alex’s wrist when I correctly performed the snaking technique. I put him in a severely compromised position. I can either finish him or disarm Alex.

This applies whether you are executing a right vs. right snake or a left vs. right snake. Regardless of which snaking technique you are executing, you should always press toward your opponent’s centerline. Failing to do so will give him the opportunity to counter you. Don’t want that, do you? 🙂

The snaking concept is not necessarily limited to cane vs. cane. Executing this concept with the empty hand is common. Whether with the cane or with the empty hand, the force is applied to the wrist so that it is misaligned.  See the below video for an example of an empty hand snake.

If you are not able to view this video, click here.

Over to you, what issues have you encountered with the snaking technique? Let’s hear from you!

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