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To be clear, the term “attacking” refers to a mindset in self-defense. This mindset can encompass “counter-attacking” as well. In other words, your response to an attack should be swift, sure, and immediate.

In contrast, at 1:02 of the video, I illustrated the feeble response or counter-attack. Such a response can put one in danger as it provides the opponent a chance to evade, slip, or intercept your wet noodle response.

Before I elaborate further on the physical response, I should point out that any claim of self-defense must comply with the self-defense requirements in the jurisdiction you reside.

I often tell my students to avoid confrontations whenever possible. More importantly, I tell them the following:

  • Make sensible lifestyle choices.  Don’t use drugs or avoid occupations with a high risk of violence (sex workers or visiting crack houses, for example).
  • Don’t be an asshole.  This means not provoking others to react. If someone is trying to provoke you, trying defusing the situation and avoid escalating the conflict.
  • To paraphrase Marc MacYoung (I highly recommend In the Name of Self Defense): Don’t challenge, don’t threaten, don’t command, and don’t insult a potential opponent. All are forms of provocation.
  • Practice environment and situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings and potentially explosive situations. Take the opportunity to exit to safety.

Now, going back to the video, you should be committed to protecting yourself. This necessarily means a swift, sure, and immediate defense to an attack upon you, within the legal boundaries of the jurisdiction you reside. There is no room for “why are you attacking me? Oh, don’t hurt me!” type of thinking while the attacker starts pummeling you.

I teach immediate reaction to any attack. While I teach many concepts in my 20 flow drills, the most important concept is an immediate response to aggression. A weak defense or a “wet noodle” response isn’t going to save your ass.

If you are not able to view this video, click here.

The above video goes hand in hand with the video at the beginning of the post. Underlying both videos is the concept of dictating the action on your terms, not the other guy’s. Remaining stationary or stepping back opens the door for the other guy to immediately counter You. Not what you want to happen. 

Step into it and put forward pressure on the other guy. That’s it!

What are your thoughts on this issue? Let’s hear it from you!

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