While Modern Arnis is known for its stick work, there is a considerable body of work that includes takedowns, throws, joint locks, and ground control techniques. This is a reflection of the late Professor Presas’ background in judo, karate, and Filipino dumog. Master of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss, a judo player, has often told us that Professor would tell him “you can finish with this” referring to a judo technique or joint locking technique. As one might guess, counters to the above are taught as well.

Included in the broad base of Modern Arnis grappling concepts are ground control techniques. Such techniques as “squat to armbar”, “shin to biceps”, “step and backward turn” and others are taught throughout the curriculum.

One of those ground techniques that he taught was the “step to deltoid tendon.” This is well demonstrated by Master of Tapi Tapi Ken Smith in the above video.

As one can see, he steps on the sternum to initiate the technique and step across into an arm bar technique. Done forcefully, this can be a good finishing move.

After that point, one can step around to perform another arm bar technique. Note that at this point you have the option to execute painful finger locks on the prone opponent (see 0:50 mark where Master Ken grabs the opponent’s fingers).

One may ask what if the opponent isn’t compliant? Of course, there are counters. “You must counter the counter” Professor would advise.

For example, a common scenario involving the above technique is where the opponent rotates on the ground as if to get away from the armbar. A good counter would be to swing your left leg around and go right into the lying armbar. There are other counters as well.

The Modern Arnis step to deltoid tendon is a fun technique. Play with it!

As one can see, the grappling aspect of Modern Arnis is a fascinating area of study unto itself.

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