A large component of Modern Arnis is stick grappling. The late Professor Remy Presas emphasized this heavily and this aspect of Modern Arnis readily translates into empty hand self defence. To be more precise, any of the stick grappling techniques of Modern Arnis has an empty hand equivalent.

In the next few videos I will be demonstrating some of the Modern Arnis stick grappling techniques. In this particular video, the technique is right vs. right same side bait into the centre lock.

The centre lock is a common lock in the martial arts. It can be seen in Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, and in Karate (especially if you know how to find this technique in the katas).

One of the concepts of Modern Arnis is summed up in a quote that I first heard from Master of Tapi Tapi Ken Smith: “Hit to lock and Lock to hit.”

This video illustrates the idea of locking in order to set up a hit. For training purposes, I teach the lock in isolation first so as to ensure the correct body mechanics.

I have found that teaching hitting after a lock easier than hitting prior to a lock. It takes time for some to get the sequence down.

I can hear some saying “well, what if your opponent doesn’t grab you like Alex did in the video?”

The answer is the video illustrates only one scenario. There are variations within the same side bait sequence. What if the opponent just merely checks my bait or has an active check hand? There are counters to those. It is not enough to know that there are counters to virtually anything that your opponent does. You have to learn how to feel your opponent and act accordingly.

This is fun stuff!

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