We delve in the Modern Arnis Empty Hand Posing in this post. 

As the title of this blog post suggests, the posing strategy is not limited to cane work. As shown in the video, Master Chuck employs the empty hand posing as well.

One can employ the posing in an empty hand vs. cane situation. To make this work, one would need to move and shift your body accordingly. From there, you can employ various empty hand strategies in order to capture the cane.

In this video, Master Chuck uses the block/check to acquire the cane. As noted in the last post on posing, capturing and holding the cane is key to the posing technique.

Obviously, this material is very useful when defending against a stick or baseball bat attack, with modifications depending on the scenario. Again, capturing the weapon is key here. Rhythm and timing come into play when practicing posing, whether it be the stick or empty hand versions.

Lastly, much of the Modern Arnis empty hand posing is derived from the stick version, which highlights one of the beautiful aspects of Modern Arnis.

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