In the latest video, I demonstrate the “Cane Takedown.” This technique is commonly seen in Filipino Martial Arts and is a staple of Modern Arnis.

In this video, I demonstrate the technique at its’ most basic level, defending against an angle 2 attack.

With respect to the cane version of this technique, one can do this off a “cut to” technique or off Professor Presas’ family style of “palis palis.” On a deeper level, this can also be employed as a counter move in the context of tapi tapi.

I demonstrate only the base technique. Keep in mind that anything can happen during the execution of this technique and to be ready to counter the opponent. As an example, if the opponent bends his arm, one can simply transition into the single lock (or “hammer lock” to the jiu jitsu folks). If you want to get down and dirty, you can thrust your cane at the opponent’s Adam’s apple before applying the cane takedown.

If the opponent somehow resists the cane takedown, an option would be simply to switch the cane to your left hand, cut underneath with a banda y banda (side to side) movement and finish with a left hand #2 strike to his coconut.

The empty hand version of the technique is an application of one of the moves from Anyo Isa Empty Hand Form One (the scoop block). As with the cane, there are a number of options depending on what happens. You can execute a disarm. You can flow into a number of jiu jitsu locks or takedowns.

In summary, there are numerous options and they are quite fun to explore!

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