What is intent?

In this video, Master of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss speaks about the importance of “intent” in the context of tapi tapi.  

I agree with him.

I always tell my students that the baits “are in reality a hit!” Hitting is always the intent behind a tapi tapi technique.  

Early on in the video, Master Chuck illustrates the intent behind the left and the right sweep strokes. What is the intent? It’s more than just an entry. The purpose of the sweep stroke entries is to HIT your opponent!

As he points out, there is a time and place to “play the game.” But you should know the “intent” behind each move that you pull out while “playing the game.”

An important reminder that tapi tapi is much more than just a game. 

Check out Master Chuck’s video at these two YouTube Channels:

(1) IMAF YouTube Channel

(2) Master Gauss’ Martial Arts Center YouTube Channel


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