This post discusses Master Chuck’s counters to disarm #7.

Modern Arnis has one basic disarm for each angle, for a total of 12 basic disarms. In this video, Andy demonstrated basic disarm #7 on Master Chuck. See 0:34 of the video.

Master Chuck then demonstrates several counters to disarm #7, thus illustrating one of the concepts of Modern Arnis.

The concept is “you must counter the counter.”

Master Chuck counters Andy’s disarm in two ways in this video:

(1) Sacrificing his stick in order to grab Andy’s weapon hand;

(2) Right arm snake, tying up both of Andy’s arms. See 1:17 of the video.

This video is a great illustration of the flexibility inherent in Modern Arnis. Critical thinking is encouraged. Professor believed that there were several counters to every technique and that you must counter the counter as well.

While one can describe Modern Arnis as a self defence system, it can be described as a problem solving art as well. You must problem solve and react instantly.

This takes time, patience and practice.

Andy counters Master Chuck’s #7 thrust with a disarm. Master Chuck, in turn, counters the disarm in two ways. Theoretically, this could go on forever.

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