Master Chuck loves teaching the 2 vs. 1 drill as it aids tremendously in developing skill in both hands. The late Professor Presas was a natural left hander but was extremely proficient with his right hand as well. He insisted that his students learn both left and right hand stick material. Thus, the 2 vs. 1 drill is quite useful in developing both hands.

As one can see from the above video, one can train several concepts while practicing this drill. Let’s look at some of the material that is being practiced in Master Chuck’s sequence.

(1) He starts with single sinawali (0:00 to 0:06);

(2) Starting at 0:06, he begins a sweepstroke with his right weapon, while simulataneously sliding his left cane underneath his right arm.

The purpose of the sweepstroke is two fold: either to strike the opponent with the weapon. If the defender (me!) defends with the check hand, Master Chuck’s left hand weapon will strike my check hand/arm. Either way, he wins. When I return the #12 strike, Master Chuck strikes me on the arm.  This portion of the technique is derived from the redonda drill.

(3) At the 0:10 mark, Master Chuck executes the left hand version of the #6 thrust. In combat terms, this would be aimed at my chest or head, depending on the weapon. I defend against this with a block check, counter maneuver. When my counter move comes towards Master Chuck, he responds with double weapon version of “palis palis” which is a sweeping motion from one side to the other.

(4) At the 0:19 mark, Master Chuck executes a left hand cane snake while executing a rompida movement with his right hand weapon.  If you’re wondering why I punch at the 0:27 mark, this punch is more representative of a dagger movement.

As one can see, there are several concepts that can be practiced within the context of the 2 vs. 1 drill. This greatly aids in single stick technique, whether it be right handed or left handed.  One can break down the above sequence into a right hand or left hand version. This is lots of fun!

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