The 2 vs. 1 drill is a phenomenal way to build ambidexterity that is emphasized in Modern Arnis.

I suspect that this drill has its antecedent in the old espada y daga methodology as there is some overlap between the two. I find that the 2 vs. 1 drill is a tremendous way of teaching both right and left hand techniques. This drill incorporates a number of techniques that can be practiced both with the right and left hand. Translations to single stick techniques is easy.

For example, if you are practicing a right hand dominant technique, the left stick can be used for hitting, blocking or any number of techniques. Translated to single stick, the left hand becomes the check hand.

The number of concepts that Master Chuck pulls out in this video is mind boggling. Thrusting, sweep stroke, abanico corto, snaking, double tapi tapi blocks, passing, palis palis, quick hits and high palis palis.

To top it all off, Master Chuck did an explosive demonstration of the single stick, showcasing all the things that he did in the 2 vs. 1 drill.

If you gain proficiency in executing techniques either hand in the 2 vs. 1 drill , single stick fighting seems like child’s play in comparison.

Master Chuck has produced two videos on the 2 vs. 1 drills. If you have the opportunity to purchase them at one of his events, do it!

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