In this post, I discuss the new YouTube series called “Make It Stick!”

The Make It Stick videos will come out every Tuesday noon Eastern Standard Time.

The purpose of this series is to highlight how I teach Filipino Martial Arts to children. What I will share is the result of my experiences of the last few years of teaching children. I continue to learn from the experiences of teaching them techniques and concepts in a way that makes it stick! 

Much of it has to do with how you explain techniques and concepts to the Padawan. 🙂  A different phrase sometimes makes all the difference and brings a moment of clarity to the child.

As we all know, children aged 5 to 8 are in the learning stages of how to read, write, add and subtract. This is as true for physical literacy for them. Martial arts is a wonderful way for children to gain physical literacy, eye-hand coordination and skills.

This means that, for the most part, techniques may need to be broken down more for them than for adults. I will explore this in the “Make It Stick!” video series.

In addition, I hope to generate discussions with other martial arts instructors (Filipino Martial Arts or otherwise) on how to effectively teach children. This should be interesting!

Let’s take the debut video. This is the pretty standard way for me to teach single sinawali to kids, especially those in the 4 to 6 year old range. Sometimes, I need to start with one hand and then switch to the other one. Sometimes, I skip this step. It depends on the kid. The goal is to get every kid to do single sinawali by the end of their first class.  I meet that goal 99% of the time!

To watch future “Make It Stick!” clips, subscribe to the Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts YouTube channel.

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