It’s been a year since I last blogged or shot a YouTube video. With the exception of sporadic activity on Twitter, I have done nothing. Any activity on the Bamboo Spirit Facebook Page as well on G+ has consisted of previously scheduled posts from Hootsuite. In other words, nearly all martial arts related social media activity was put on cruise control.

The reason had to do with my Dad. He had been rapidly declining due to Alzheimer’s and it was fairly obvious that his time was limited. In addition, my wife decided to leave her stressful job effective at the end of September.  I sensed that we were in for some major changes during 2017. For this reason, I decided to back away from a number of commitments to focus on family. Hence, my long social media absence as it pertains to martial arts.

With all that going on, I completely lost my motivation to blog or produce martial arts videos. 

While my family was focused on my Dad’s situation, life threw us a curveball with my Mom’s unexpected passing on August 27, 2017.  Six weeks later, on October 10, 2017, my Dad joined her.

The last picture with my Mom, two weeks before her unexpected passing.

With the passing of both of my parents within such a short period of time, I had even less motivation to generate Bamboo Spirit social media content. To be honest, I have had difficult days, including today. The buffer between myself and mortality is gone. Further, knowing that I can no longer lean on my parents for advice or hear their life stories is sobering. Some days, the emptiness is tolerable. On other days, it feels as though there is a gaping hole in my gut. I am very thankful for Mary-Anne, my wife, who has been an incredible saint through all of this.

Thank you to all my friends who sent their condolences to me. It was much appreciated!

That said, the desire to generate social media content is starting to stir. But, I can make no promises for 2018. I have no idea how much content I will generate. Further, I have no idea how much I will participate in the various martial arts forums on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or G+. We’ll see.

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