Leg strikes in Modern Arnis tapi tapi can be quite useful in tapi tapi in terms of hitting and setting your opponent up for a leg strike.

Master of Tapi Tapi Chuck Gauss demonstrates leg strikes in the above video. Notice that when he strikes #8 at Andy at the 0:13 mark, how Andy moves into a disadvantageous position?

In this position, it’s easy for Master Chuck to drive that punyo into Andy’s face and finish him off. If Andy can parry that punyo, the slap off is one counter that can be employed.

The nice thing about this video is that Master Chuck shows a simple counter to the #8 strike. See 0:26 of the video.

A simple quick thrust does the job. A great example of simplicity. Why make it complicated?

Consider adding in leg strikes into your tapi tapi arsenal. It’s an effective tool in moving your partner/opponent around. Why?

Tapi tapi involves moving your opponent backwards. Sometimes it involves pulling them forwards. Hit them at top quadrant and the bottom quadrant. With the number of ways you can move your opponent, your self defence arsenal expands as well.

Two takeaways from this video:

(1) striking the leg is quite useful; and

(2) simple counters such as a thrust are often the best thing to do.

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