In this post, I discuss the usage of the “left hand abanico corto,” a Modern Arnis concept.

If you cannot see the video on this page, go to here.

There are various kinds of abanico motions employed in Modern Arnis. Among them are abanico hirada, abanico largo, abanico follow through, abanico double action and abanico corto.

I like this video. Master Chuck shows his superb ability to connect one concept to another. This video focuses on the left hand version of abanico corto and he demonstrates this to devastating effect.

He mixes in sinawali, sweepstroke, tapi tapi block, poking, abanico corto, snaking, banda y banda, posing, and slap off. He puts it all together in this video.

Obviously, the abanico corto technique should end the game.  It’s not likely that an adversary can recover from a hit to the noggin.

If you look carefully, the real beauty of this video, are the potential translations to the tactical flashlight or dulo dulo. Here’s a tip: any time Master Chuck uses the punyo, you should see the translation to a flashlight technique.

Here’s a further tip on how to learn the left hand abanico corto. Practice this particular sequence in the gif over and over. It’s not that hard!

Awesome video. What do you think?

Abanico corto =  Spanish for short fanning motion

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One thought on “Left Hand Abanico Corto

  • February 7, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    how could you nit like it? Love the smooth flow of left.


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