I spotted this video the other day on G+ (thanks to +Martial Arts with Colman). 

My immediate reaction was the stupidity of both participants. We do not know the context of this locker room confrontation or what the history was between the parties. We don’t know how much “monkey dancing” occurred between the two.  That said, I’ll say the following:

(1) What was the “Karate Kid” thinking?  All flash and no intent behind his various Hollywood moves. It was equally obvious that “Pro Wrestler” did not feel threatened by the “Karate Kid” as he maintained his composure. “Karate Kid” seemed to completely ignore the composure of his opponent with devastating consequences. It looks like “Karate Kid” was playing around whereas “Pro Wrestler” was serious.

(2) Without knowing the context of this locker room confrontation, it appears that “Pro Wrestler” should have known that he was not in a life threatening situation and maybe took it too seriously. It does not appear to be a life threatening situation. It is most assuredly not a self defence situation. It’s just a stupid locker room confrontation. None of the poses or flashy moves disrupts “Pro Wrestler’s composure.  “Pro Wrestler” took advantage of the “Karate Kid’s” vulnerability after the attempted jumping spinning crescent kick and body slammed him with resulting unconsciousness.  I think that it’s obvious that “Pro Wrestler” took this much more seriously than “Karate Kid.”

Considering “Pro Wrestler’s” composure, the “Karate Kid’s” inability to project any true threat, the lack of a cushion on the floor would make a prosecutor’s job very easy.

Bottom line: two stupid kids and neither of them, particularly “Pro Wrestler,” can make any legitimate claim to self defence. “Pro Wrestler” could be in serious legal jeopardy if the police choose to file charges based on this video.


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