As an adjunct to partner training in Modern Arnis, I would highly encourage students and practitioners alike to engage in solo training in order to ingrain and refine various aspects of Modern Arnis.

Personally, I like to train with heavy sticks with an emphasis on the movements of the traditionals such as rompida, banda y banda, abanico, abanico double action, double zero, reverse double zero, figure 8, reverse figure 8, and redonda. Additionally, I like to practice both right handed and left handed so to ensure good overall development and for balance as well. I also practice my anyos, both cane and empty handed. I like to practice low line kicks as well and work up a sweat along the way.  I am a firm believer that the more you practice the fundamentals, the better you’ll become in the long run.

I include some old fashioned strength training into my solo training regimen.

I also train many FMA principles and techniques on a crude Mook Jong that I have in the basement. When you don’t have a training partner, this is a great alternative!

When you are training with heavy sticks, remember to start out slowly and build yourself accordingly and allow the tendons/ligaments of your wrist and elbow to adjust.


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