The Impact of Mental Outlook

Your mental outlook can have a great deal of impact on whether you have success.

A favourite quote of mine goes something like this:

If you think you will be second, you’ll be fourth. If you think you’ll be fourth, you’ll be last.

How you think you’ll do can often have an effect on your chances of success. This isn’t about some kind of hokey positive thinking. Very often, your mental outlook will dictate how well you prepare.

Do you go through the motions hoping that success will come your way? Or do you dive in and plan everything to a T? Do you overlook the details or are you detail oriented?

Your approach can determine whether you come in second, fourth or last or in real life terms, be successful. If you’re going through the motions of running a business and hoping for that miracle pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you’re likely going to get the result that you deserve.

Going through the motions is the equivalent of thinking that you’ll succeed (“it’ll be good enough”) and a probable likelihood of mediocrity or, worse, failure.

Bottom line, the steps to success involve changing your mental outlook and having a detailed plan.


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