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Yesterday, we covered  How Children Can Benefit from Filipino Martial Arts (Part 1).

Today, we cover more benefits that children can gain from training in Filipino Martial Arts. Many thanks to those who responded to my call for additional benefits of training in Filipino Martial Arts. 

(8) Confidence Booster: Playing with sticks can be a great confidence booster, especially for kids who are not as big or as physically coordinated as others (compared to some other martial arts). The sticks are a great equalizer. (Jackie Bradbury)

(9) Socialization skills: Working with different partners is valuable for a child’s socialization skills. Children often converse while performing drills and sometimes help each other during a drill.

(10) Both Sides of the Brain: When training in Filipino Martial Arts, children are training both sides of the brain (right and left), where most styles train predominantly one side to prepare for right handed attacks. By training in this manner, they are developing both sides of the brain, the creative side and the analytical. This, in turn, generates a greater potential for development of neurons in the brain. (John Yockey).

(11) Timing and Rhythm: these skills will help with music! (Andrew Evans of Hokkien Martial Arts)

(12) Learning How to Count:  There are a fair number of drills that require counting (“Okay, this is going to be done in four counts.”)

(13) Goal Setting: Children quickly learn about mini action plans that guide them toward a goal, such as the next stripe or belt promotion (Renshi Janet Lawless).

(14) Co-Ed: Having a mix of boys and girls in my class, this is a great way for them to work together. There aren’t a lot of sports that boys and girls do together. It’s a great way for siblings to learn how to co-operate together. They have to work in harmony for the techniques to work. Working together will overflow into all aspects of their relationship (Sensei Lynn Davidson).

(15) Fun: Let’s not forget the most important benefit of Filipino Martial Arts training for children; it’s FUN! Kids love holding sticks and practicing with their partners (Renshi Janet Lawless).

To all FMA instructors, feel free to use any or all of this. The only request that I have is that you give credit where it’s due. Thanks! 🙂

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