Four basic sinawalis are taught in Modern Arnis. They are single, double, heaven, and reverse sinawali.

In this post, I’ll focus on heaven sinawali.

Others refer it to as redonda sinawali. The word sinawali is Tagalog for “weaving.” Regardless of which sinawali pattern you are practicing, it looks as though you are weaving.

Heaven sinawali is an easy six count drill to learn. As demonstrated in the video, both partners begin with the left cane chambered underneath the right arm. All the hits are high. The drill consists of the following:

-right angle 1, left angle 2, right angle 2; and then

-left angle 1, right angle 2, and left angle 2.

Both partners perform this drill in rote fashion. While performing this drill, they are developing gross motor skills.

Those in Modern Arnis will recognize Heaven 6 as the basis of the basic block, check, counter drill. Therefore, this drill is important.

As noted in the video, there are a number of combat applications that can be derived from the heaven sinawali drill. One of those combat applications is from the second move which can be considered as an abanico hit. This is applied in a left vs. right tapi tapi technique where that second move is used as a hit.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.26.32 PM

An application of the second move of heaven sinawali.

Back to the basic heaven sinawali drill, it is important that it be performed correctly. In this Fix It Friday post, I point out that one must aim for the head.

Have fun with this drill and explore the possibilities! 


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