I admit that one of the things that drive me bonkers are when folks are going through the motions, not only in class but also in life in general. We have beaten nearly impossible odds just to be living on this planet.

I believe that everybody needs to find some purpose in life. The fact that it has been estimated that the odds of any one of us being born are one in 400 trillion makes it imperative that you find some purpose of some kind in your life.

As a well-known judoka and judo coach Radomir Kovacevic once said:

This is life! This is what made you! Hundreds of millions of sperms, all equals, all swimming to see which will reach the egg first, and only one will see the sun, the light of the moon, only one can make you! To be born is the biggest victory against the biggest odds in the biggest competition anywhere, ever—ohhhhh, what a champion! But a champion for what? To watch television, drink Coca-Cola and eat McDonald’s? No! We must continue with the same effort we achieved by out swimming millions! We must keep proving we are worthy of that victory!

So yes, knowing those odds, are you going to waste your life on this earth going through the motions or finding some kind of purpose?

More importantly, knowing those odds are, is the importance of not giving up or quitting. You have already beaten nearly impossible odds of being alive on this earth. Since you are already at this point, why give up or put limits on yourself? As the above video says “Nothing is impossible. The only thing that is impossible is what you make it impossible.” For many, the greatest obstacle to success is often themselves. 

My right cochlear implant was activated today. Knowing that I have beaten nearly impossible odds of being alive on this earth, I intend to take full advantage of this opportunity especially after the hearing in my left ear went through a sudden change in the summer of 2012. We are fortunate to be in an amazing era of rapid technological change. What are the odds that I would be living in this era? Nearly impossible odds! 

I admit that after the summer of 2012, I had some serious doubts but I never thought about quitting. My “never say die” outlook took a serious hit with the setback with my right eye earlier this year. I nearly cracked but I didn’t. Now I feel like that I have absolutely no reason to quit ever… that I have two cochlear implants and am in good health.

At this point, I really have no reason to quit at anything in life, do I?

Given that you’ve beaten nearly impossible odds, are you going to waste your life going through the motions or giving up?


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