I think that too many people focus on an outcome, whether it be achieving a personal or professional goal. Instead of focusing on the outcome, one should just concentrate on the steps to success rather than looking down the road to the outcome. Focus on the day to day steps to success and the outcome will take care of itself. Someone once told me that a focus on making great products will take care of the bottom line. A focus on the bottom line usually leads to shoddy products or customer service. Apple is an obvious example. Steve Jobs was famously focused on every aspect of the design of a product. He was much more focused on the quality of Apple’s products than on their bottom line. Due to their “insanely great” products, Apple has now become the most valuable company in history. It remains to be seen if Apple retain their laser like focus on product quality in the post Steve Jobs years. For those studying the martial arts and wishing to achieve rank, do not worry about rank. Focus on the steps to that rank. Pay attention to the details of the material you need to work on. Be in the moment and don’t worry about some testing date down the road. Focus on the here and now. Focus on the things that are under your control. Focus on having the self discipline to do what’s necessary on a consistent basis. Focus on the journey, not the outcome.


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