When push comes to shove is a reference to the Modern Arnis technique called “tulak.”  This technique is one of various ways to move your opponent.

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In this video, I demonstrate one of Professor’s signature moves, the tulak.

Tulak simply means “pushing.” The tulak was one of many body manipulation methods that Professor used to move and manipulate his opponent. The result was that the opponent was off balanced and ready to be exploited.

The picture below shows Professor executing a superb tulak on Master of Tapi Tapi Ken Smith. At that moment, Master Ken is extremely vulnerable.

Professor Presas with a superb tulak.
Professor Presas with a superb tulak on Master of Tapi Tapi Ken Smith.

As shown in the video, the execution of the tulak requires proper body alignment and movement.

Without utilizing proper positioning and movement, the driver will, instead, be vulnerable to a counter. Hint: good footwork is a key to countering the tulak.

As I said in the video, an extended arm creates a lot of vulnerabilities. Be careful not to extend your arm when executing the tulak.

In addition, the proper placement of the hand is key. Control the elbow and you control the body. Boom, you have a good chance of moving your opponent. Place your hand below the opponent’s elbow (forearm, for example) and you lose the ability to move your opponent.

Done properly, this is a phenomenal tool in your tool box. But, it has to be executed properly. This is easy to learn but difficult to master. Practice this over and over!

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