In this post, I couldn’t get much higher in attempting the cross body center lock!

When it comes to the cross body bait to centre lock technique, I have seen folks do it in the manner that I demonstrated in the first part of the video.

This is not an efficient way to do this technique. There is too much time for an opponent to counter you.

As I said in the video, aim for economy of motion. This way, the opponent will have less time to counter and the chances of a successful finish increases.

The key concept is to give your opponent only tiny windows of opportunities in which they can counter.

Let’s face it, there are windows of opportunities for a counter all the time. The trick is to learn how to make those windows as small as possible for your opponent.

One of those ways is to focus on economy of motion. The more economical the technique, the less likely it will be countered. Very simple!

I wrote a bit more in depth about this in this post.

As an aside, those who may not have gotten the reference to
“we couldn’t get much higher” 
, here’s a clip to fill you in. 🙂

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