In this Fix It Friday video, I show what happens when single sinawali is done at a range that is too close for comfort!

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As pointed out in the video, this is a common mistake among young children. At a young age, they often are not sure of the correct distance or range that single sinawali should be practiced. This has, unfortunately, led to some minor accidents.

One simple rule that I’ve taught them is to extend your arm with the stick in the hand and touch your partner as demonstrated in the video.

Sinawali is NOT combat. It is designed, among other things, to teach timing and distancing. Speed and power are among the attributes learned from the sinawali drills as well. Distance is the first thing that you learn while doing sinawali.

You are in the proper range when you and your partner are doing sinawali at a comfortable distance. Not too close for comfort nor too far to be out of range.

A short story about two of my children students. Cara and Sonia were practicing single sinawali. Cara got bonked on the head. While she was being tended to by her Mom in the hallway, I asked Sonia what happened. Sonia replied “I hit her by accident.” I then asked her “do you know why it happened?”  She answered “I was too close to her.” Impressive self diagnosis!  Kids just need a simple method by which to ascertain the correct distance/range.

Over to the instructors, what other methods have you used to teach your students the correct range in the sinawali drills?

On a final note, this will be the last “Fix It Friday” post for this blog.  I’m going to shift my focus more to the Monday and Wednesday posts as a part of some changes to my social media strategy. Stay tuned! 🙂


One thought on “Fix It Friday: Too Close for Comfort!

  • September 8, 2015 at 11:12 am

    In Karate we have punching range and kicking range, and all of us are often asked to extend an arm or a leg so we can get the idea of where those ranges are before starting drills.

    Sometimes when I’m sparring kids who are significantly below me in rank I see them dance around throwing techniques to the air at least three feet away from my body. In that case I simply open my arms wide to present a huge target. If they still won’t close that distance, I’ll tap my stomach with one hand and motion “come closer” with the other hand. They get a thumbs up if they hit me, and double thumbs up and a big grin if I feel the hit. Then I’ll start moving around – again with my arms wide open. If they hit me again, then I start closing my arms from time to time. If they hit me again, I’ll start blocking and countering. If they hit me again, it’s full on sparring and I start attacking.

    Awww, I like the Fix-it Friday best – I haven’t the foggiest clue how to use canes so it’s nice to see the contrasts between improper and proper form. Ah well – good luck with your new strategy!


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