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Bad stance often equates to bad structure and that is the root of the problem many times.

In this video, Annabelle is able to easily shove me when I had a narrow stance. 

So when executing any technique, be sure that you have good solid stance. This does not mean being rooted in place like an oak tree. The ideal mixture is solid stance AND mobility. If you have that combination, you’ve got it made!

I had a discussion with a private client yesterday about footwork and I opined that footwork is the most important thing that a Filipino Martial Arts practitioner can work on.

I recently discussed the importance of footwork in Get A Move On!  For some folks, their upper body is well connected to the lower body. For some others, there seems to be a disconnect between the upper body and lower body and it’s a challenge to help connect the two parts. Very often, footwork and stance go hand in hand. Poor footwork can result in poor stance and likewise.

Bottom line, good footwork and stance will ALWAYS improve any technique!

Address the root of the problem and you’ve made good headway!


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