The concept behind this “Fix It Friday” episode is pretty simple. If you are not able to view the video, click here.

Any time you have a thrust coming at you, whether it be angle 5, 6, 7, 10, or 11, it is wise to avoid the tip either by moving out of the way or parrying the tip. 

Parrying the hand would be problematic as illustrated by the video. Go for the hand and you will “take a stab!” Not a good thing.

For those familiar with the Bamboo Spirit Flow Drills, particularly #13 and #14, parrying the tip of the stick is part and parcel of those two drills.

Defending against any kind of thrust is quite difficult due to the fact that they tend to be less telegraphic than angles 1 or 2 for example. There is less time to react to a thrust attack. Hence it is important to practice your defences against thrusts. 

Parrying the tip is one way to defend against the tip. Evasion, torquing, footwork and other means can be employed to defend against a thrust attack.

The technique displayed in the video is a good place to start as far as learning to defend yourself against a thrust.

Give it a try! And don’t take a stab!

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