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“Resistance is futile” is something that most Modern Arnis players should keep in mind while playing tapi tapi. One of the keys to being a good Modern Arnis player is the ability to relax during while playing.

Using too much force or resistance will lead to two things: (1) your ability to counter your adversary will be severely diminished; and (2) your resistance opens the door for an experienced player to counter you and break down your resistance. In other words, when you resist, there is a momentary freeze on your part that an experienced player will exploit.

In the above video, I illustrated why using too much force or resistance will usually lead to undesirable consequences. I also illustrate the benefits of remaining relaxed as it allows you to easily counter or manipulate your opponent. This is an easy skill to learn but difficult to master. With lots of practice and time, sensitivity to an opponent’s resistance will increase thus enabling you to quickly counter it and go in for the finish.

I’ve been exploring how to teach my students how to increase their sensitivity to a training partner’s energy. Take the first flow drill of Bamboo Spirit, known as the “Mother Drill.” I’ve used the pull off portion of this drill to train this concept. See 2:21 of the “Mother Drill” video.

I’ve had students in my position, resist the pull off and have their partner punch them in the face (as I demonstrated in the video at the beginning of this post). Then I would have them go through this flow drill in its entirety and not let their partner know whether they are going to resist. This forces one to pay attention and use their sensitivity to determine the correct course of action on the fly. Fun stuff! All a part of “going with the flow.” This exercise can be applied to many of the flow drills.

Try it, it works!

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