You should put your best foot forward while doing single sinawali! This post discusses a recent “Fix It Friday” video on this topic.

In this video, I demonstrate the proper footwork in executing double sinawali. This concept applies to most of the other sinawalis as well. One of the beefs that I have is when a sinawali drill is performed in a stationary manner like in the picture below:

Single Sinawali while stationary.
I demonstrate single sinawali while stationary. Don’t do this!

Note that Alex is performing this drill with correct footwork. On the other hand, I’m not. This is something that I see often.

Ideally, the footwork position should be as follows:

Alex and Master Brian demonstrating proper range.
Alex and I demonstrating proper range.

Note that we are employing correct footwork here. The same side leg should be forward at the same time as the power strike. In the above picture, the right hand power strike is matched with the right leg forward. Likewise for the left side. In other words, put your best foot forward! 🙂

Bottom line, you should be moving around anyway. One cannot afford to be immobile against another wielding weapons such as sticks and knives. 


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