“No flailing!” refers to the concept that the entire body should be involved in martial art movement. I address this in the below video.

As with many of my Fix It Friday videos, bad structure is, again, at the root of many bad techniques. 

If you cannot view the video in this post, see it here.

As shown in the video, it is not sufficient to execute the rompida without involving your body mass.

Arm strength can only get you so far. Putting your body mass behind the rompida strike gives you much more power than doing it with the arm alone.

Apply this principle to any of the other “traditionals” such as banda y banda, reverse figure 8, figure 8, and, in the aforementioned video, the rompida and your power will increase.

Thus, no flailing with the stick allowed!

This concept applies across the board in virtually everything that I do in Modern Arnis. Always work on correct body structure and positioning. Evaluate and analyze yourself. If you can get someone to take video of you, great!  Video is a great opportunity to analyze yourself. You might cringe at seeing yourself on video but it’ll be worth it!

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